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Featured Orthodontics Products

  • Clarity™ ADVANCED Clear Braces

    Live Free and Clear with the orthodontic treatment that's hassle-free and virtually unnoticeable. Change your smile without changing your lifestyle.


  • 3M™ Clarity™ Ultra Self-Ligating Brackets

    Innovative, fully-esthetic ceramic bracket designed for patient comfort and reliable results throughout treatment.

  • APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive with Victory Series™ Low Profile Brackets

    Best-selling brackets offer best-in-class bonding efficiency. Eliminate the flash removal step from bracket bonding, saving significant time without compromising bond strength. Patients also benefit from added protection for tooth enamel and a quicker, easier debonding appointment.

Featured Orthodontic Resources

  • Find an Orthodontist

    When you select an Orthodontist that treats with 3M™ Braces, you can be confident they invest in quality products from a proven leader with 60+ years experience in the Orthodontic industry.

    Search for an orthodontist near you

    Edit your existing listing information

  • Innova Publication

    Read the latest issue of Innova and gain access to a wide selection of relevant and interesting case studies and articles on orthodontic products and treatment options.

    Download Innova (PDF Version)

  • Paint Your Smile

    An interactive website application that allows patients to "try out" different color rubber bands to see how great their new braces will look and help them make a color selection.

    Go to Paint Your Smile

    Note: You will be directed to US Site.

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