Our orthodontic products can help you improve your orthodontic treatments and keep your patients satisfied.

Orthodontic Products for Better Treatment and Happy Patients

3M Orthodontic Products offer advanced performance, aesthetics and efficiency.


Featured Orthodontics Products

  • Clarity™ ADVANCED Clear Braces

    Live Free and Clear with the orthodontic treatment that's hassle-free and virtually unnoticeable. Change your smile without changing your lifestyle.


  • Forsus™ Class II Correction System

    Forsus™ Correctors are your hidden alternative to headgear. Fix your overbite with a solution that is hidden, hygienic, and comfortable.

  • APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive with Victory Series™ Low Profile Brackets

    Best-selling brackets offer best-in-class bonding efficiency. Eliminate the flash removal step from bracket bonding, saving significant time without compromising bond strength. Patients also benefit from added protection for tooth enamel and a quicker, easier debonding appointment.

Featured Orthodontic Resources

  • Find an Orthodontist

    When you select an Orthodontist that treats with 3M™ Braces, you can be confident they invest in quality products from a proven leader with 60+ years experience in the Orthodontic industry.

    Search for an orthodontist near you

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  • Innova Publication

    Read the latest issue of Innova and gain access to a wide selection of relevant and interesting case studies and articles on orthodontic products and treatment options.

    Download Innova (PDF Version)

  • Paint Your Smile

    An interactive website application that allows patients to "try out" different color rubber bands to see how great their new braces will look and help them make a color selection.

    Go to Paint Your Smile

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