• Incognito™ Appliance System New Product Update,

    May 01, 2015
    3M Newsroom.

    Incognito™ Appliance System New Product Update,

    3M is pleased to announce new products updates in 2015. Review new product introductions with the Unitek™ Lingual Instruments and AlastiK™ Lingual Ligatures as well as manufacturing improvements with Improved Bracket Surfaces and Innovation in Wire Customisation.

    May 1st, 2015. 3M Newsroom.

    Improved Bracket Surface
    Manufacturing Improvement leading to Smoother and Shinier Bracket Surfaces
    3M makes every effort to offer innovations based on latest technologies. The Incognito™ Appliance System brackets will now be manufactured with Digital Light Processing printing equipment. This new manufacturing technology will improve the surface quality of the brackets, resulting in smoother and shinier brackets.
    Learn more about the improved bracket surface.

    Innovation in Wire Customisation 
    Regular Wire Now Customised to the Setup Wire with Extension 3-3 to Fit a Spaced Malocclusion
    If anterior spacing is present, currently doctors might not be able to insert the first wire without using multiple appointments. To avoid this, the “mushroom” bends in the round initial wires will be distalised to be able to ligate the wire, so spaces from canine to canine can be closed conveniently. There is no need for the doctor to calculate. Our digital wire design will apply the new values for any cases with more than 1.5 mm of space in the anteriors.
    Learn more about the improved wire customisation.

    New Unitek™ Lingual Instruments* 
    Precision at Your Fingertips 
    Unitek™ Lingual Instruments* were developed to provide the versatility and precision needed for today‘s treatment requirements. The new instruments feature: longer handles for access to difficult to reach areas, smooth contours for added patient comfort, and smaller instrument heads to accommodate the tight interproximal space on the lingual side.
    Explore the precision of lingual instruments.

    New AlastiK™ Lingual Ligatures*
    As Strong as an Overtie
    AlastiK™ Lingual Ligatures* are applied as a plain tie and express the same force as an overtie, making them faster and easier to handle than other ligation techniques. With an the optimised cross section, the AlastiK Lingual Ligatures also express more force than other lingual ligatures currently available.  The proprietary design features a convenient tab which enables a secure grip and allows for easy application.
    What Doctors are Saying:
    “Easier to grip for assistants, saves time in comparison to overties.”
    “The AlastiK™ Lingual Ligatures are significantly easier to place with the same desired effect as overties, while being comfortable for patients.”
    See the strength of lingual ligatures.