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3M™ Engineered Industrial Tapes with Advanced Adhesive

When extreme challenges threaten your product's results, the high-performance technology behind 3M Engineered Industrial Tapes can help you manage environmental variables. With tape collections created to take on your specific challenges, we make it easy to find the solutions you need – no matter the environment.

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  • Extreme temperatures can cause damage or rework. Get powerful protection against hot and cold extremes.

  • Aggressive chemicals can ruin parts. Keep surfaces safe with 3M solutions.

  • Heavy or critical parts can move and become damaged during shipment. Discover how to get an unbeatable hold.

  • Moisture, dust and UV rays reduce product life. 3M tapes provide a defensive barrier to battle the elements.

  • Irregular machine or part movement can cause factory slowdowns. Find innovative products to help improve efficiency.

  • Deliver the quieter product experience your customers desire.

The science of 3M™.

  • automotive design with engineers
    Engineered Adhesives

    Specially designed by the same engineers who revolutionized adhesive science.

  • Engineers discuss/evaluate drone design/aircraft design
    Materials Expertise

    Thoughtfully selected backing ensures each tape performs in your production environment.

  • Technician services/inspects wind turbine
    Take Control

    Tape collections make it easy to start your search based on your challenge.

  • Aluminum foil tape applied in engine compartment to protect parts from heat
    Fine-tuned Results

    Flexible and intuitive exploration tool allows you to find exactly the solution you need.

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