• Admin burnout and the role of technology

    June 15, 2022

    Admin burnout and the role of technology

    3M’s Dr Travis Bias recently participated in a panel discussion conducted by Talking health tech with a series of industry thought leaders.

    Clinicians experience burnout differently around the world. In today’s time, there are multiple drivers of clinician burnout, no matter the health care system one works within, and these can distract from patient care. But you might be surprised by the overlap of some of the drivers of clinician frustration across international borders and leave with ideas for tech-enabled facilitators of fully productive and sustainable health care careers. 

    How can we document the clinical story in the electronic health record more quickly and completely? How can we gather all the right information – including imaging reads, laboratory tests and specialist consultations – at the right time to coordinate high-quality patient care?

    In this session, the doctors shared their experiences and discussed areas where technology could intervene to free up time to care for patients.

    Listen here to the session on the Talking HealthTech website or read the blog on 3M Insideangle.