• How artificial intelligence is driving improvement in documentation workflows

    May 11, 2021



    Hear how artificial intelligence is driving improvement in health care documentation in the latest Talking HealthTech podcast.

    May 11, 2021

    3M’s Brian Mitchell recently sat down down with Talking HealthTech’s Peter Birch to discuss 3M’s role in healthcare, hospital workflows, technology adoption in healthcare, data and much more.

    The discussion explores the history of the 3M Health Information Systems Division before the pair delve into the big topics of artificial intelligence, workflow redesign, process optimisation and the importance of getting the balance of people, process and technology right. As the pair wrap up the discussion, Peter focuses in on emerging trends, what Brian thinks might be the next “big thing” and what the future holds from 3M.

    Listen here to the episode on the Talking HealthTech website or search for Talking HealthTech on your favorite podcast platform.