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Accurate coding, improved collaboration

Tackle your ever-evolving healthcare challenges by making coding more efficient and accurate

Health information management (HIM) and revenue cycle departments constantly deal with evolving challenges. Whether it’s inefficient coding processes, reduced productivity or staffing shortages, 3M makes it easy for you to transform your coding process.
That’s why we’ve created software and services that help you epitomise the clinical care definition, get the coding accurate, reduce denials and achieve compliance the first time. We can help you facilitate improved communication between HIM, clinicians and coders so you can increase collaboration and compliance, and reduce cumbersome clinician queries.

See how 3M’s technology can help reduce this cost by correctly coding the first time.

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    Facility coding

    Organisations face daily challenges that make coding more difficult. Check out 3M’s solution specifically designed for facility coders that can help streamline workflows.

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