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Mike Vick applies a 3M graphic vinyl wrap to a fleet vehicle

Wrap advice from an industry expert: Mike Zick.

I’ve worked in the wrap installation industry for nearly 30 years, and I’ve seen graphic films come a long way. As the industry continues to change, installers are in need of new and innovative products that stay one step ahead of the challenges we face. 3M™ Graphic Films give installers the ability to provide our clients with faster installations and cleaner, quicker removals. In addition to high-performing graphic films, 3M has a great support staff across the country that is always able to assist when we have questions.

In the last few years, I’ve seen more and more fleet owners using their trucks and trailers to promote their brands. They’re asking for full-coverage wraps of the trailer; it makes sense to utilize that additional surface space to get in front of their key audiences.

When it comes to wrapping a fleet, however, there are some challenges to consider. For example, a fleet owner can’t risk having the trucks and trailers out of service for too long, so we look for ways to streamline the wrapping process. That includes finding the right product for the right application, so that we can complete the wraps faster. We consistently turn to 3M premium films, because we know installation will be more efficient on the front end and there will be less risk of failure once the trailer is back out on the road. Not only can a bad wrap cost time and money, but it can also damage a brand’s reputation. When you’re talking about the essence of a company’s brand, the performance of a graphic film is of the utmost importance.

When customers are considering graphic films, I can’t stress enough the importance of looking at the whole project, not just the initial install of film. investing more upfront can actually help fleet owners save time and money in the long run. Graphics installers, for instance, charge by the hour. If I am quoting an install or removal, my first question is what film is being used on this project. If it’s a 3M film, I know what to expect. I know it will handle well for install and will be easier to remove. When it takes less time to install a film, the cost of installation can go down and the vehicle can get back to work more quickly. Selecting the appropriate film for the job can influence the total cost to complete the project. Similarly, 3M comes off much cleaner and takes a lot less time which is extremely important for large projects with lots of square footage. Lower quality films take much longer to remove and usually leave adhesive residue behind. In addition to easier install and removal, a higher quality film reduces the risk of re-do’s, which can also be costly.
3M products prevent a lot of those headaches.

3M is a great partner in helping me keep customers happy and doing my job efficiently. 3M provides channels to identify the right film for that next project. 3M also has a great warranty program, which gives me and my clients peace of mind that the wrap will look great — and stay that way — when it hits the road.

“When it takes less time to install a film, the cost of installation can go down and the vehicle can get back to work more quickly. Selecting the appropriate film for the job can influence the total cost to complete the project.”
- Mike Zick

Need Help Finding the Right Vehicle Wraps for Transportation and Commercial Vehicles?

From reflective film to protective film and all those in between, choosing the right vehicle wrap product for the right job can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Let our experts help you pinpoint the perfect product that will take your next project to greater heights… and keep your customers coming back for more.