Children playing tug-o-war

Investing in a more vibrant world.

3M Enhances Community Vibrancy

3Mgives forms lasting partnerships with communities worldwide and provides resources to help them succeed and grow—ensuring a more interconnected and thriving world


  • Improve the quality of life in underserved families
  • Increase access to youth development programs for underrepresented children
  • Provide access to vibrant and diverse art opportunities
United Way Volunteers

Red Dust Healthy Living Program

In 2019, 3M supported Red Dust's unique ‘community-as-family’ model of health, wellbeing and capacity building programs delivered in partnership with remote First Nations. Through their programs, Red Dust inspire youth to build resilience, identity and aspiration.


United for Good

In 2015, 3Mers across the United States set a record for their support of our communities through the United Way with more than US$6 million in donations and over 50,000 volunteer hours.