Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring


The Importance of Environmental Monitoring

Major recalls, increased consumer awareness, changing regulations, and stricter international standards are driving a shift in food safety and quality strategies. 

Traditional methods of testing the raw materials and finished products are not enough. A preventive approach by testing the environment offers better control over the food safety quality in your facility. This helps mitigate the risks of recalls and protect your brand reputation.

3M Environmental Monitoring handbook offers comprehensive guidance on how to introduce an effective environmental monitoring program. This handbook was developed together with Cornell University and other industry experts. You can expect to learn:

• Why an environmental monitoring program is ideal in addressing today’s food safety challenges
• How to effectively develop and implement a sampling program for indicator organisms, pathogens, spoilage organisms, and allergens
• Ways to drive meaningful change in your organization through culture and environmental monitoring

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On-demand: environmental monitoring courses available at 3M℠ Health Care Academy

  • Effective environmental monitoring programs can help reduce the risk of recalls, extend product shelf life, streamline production, and increase customer satisfaction in the long run. 

    Watch this 5-part webinar series by Dr. Martin Wiedmann from Cornell University to discover the importance of sampling in environmental monitoring, and the available testing methods.

    These webinars are designed to address concerns of food safety professionals and show them how to implement the right food safety solution that fits their business’s needs.

    Who is this course for?
    • Food safety professionals exploring how to implement an environmental monitoring program
    • Companies facing challenges in starting out their environmental monitoring program
    • Companies looking to enhance their current environmental monitoring program

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