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More than ready

You work hard to be more than ready for whatever the job throws at you. Your equipment should do the same.

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3M™ Scott™ Air-Supplied Respirators?

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  • firefighters walking through a smokey building
    Choose your facepiece

    Consider compatibility with your SCBA, as well as flame and heat-resistance, donning process and size/fit options.

    View all face masks (PDF, 522 KB)

  • firefighters cutting into a house roof
    Choose your cylinder

    Choose a cylinder compatible with your SCBA, and consider valve type, material, pressure and air duration. 3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety offers cylinders in 30’, 45’, 60’ and 75’ durations (a 3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety exclusive).

    View all cylinders (PDF, 656 KB)

  • backside view of a SCBA and the cylinder on a firefighter
    Choose communications

    Add communication accessories to meet your needs, from radios to voice amplification solutions.

    3M™ Scott™ EPIC 3 Radio Interface (RDI) Voice Amplifier

    Voice Amplifiers

  • image of Scott Connect Monitor
    Choose thermal imaging

    We do more than build safety equipment. At 3M Personal Safety Division, we do more than design and build safety equipment. We create comprehensive service solutions to meet the demands of firefighters, emergency personnel and industrial workers who depend on 3M and 3M Scott Fire & Safety products to protect them in high risk environments. Our extensive service support organisation consisting of highly-trained technicians dedicated to serving you quickly and proficiently – each and every time you need us. 3M Scott Fire & Safety Service Center locations:

    NSW: 137 McCredie Road Guildford, NSW 2112
    VIC: Unit 6 / 54 Smith Road Springvale VIC 3171
    QLD: Unit 4 / 41 Deakin Street Brendale QLD 4500 (re location to Morningside in QTR 1 2022)
    WA: 201 Alexander Road, Belmont WA 6104

    3M™ Scott™ hand-held thermal imaging

    3M™ Scott™ hands-free face mask thermal imaging

    3M Scott Sight Pro Brochure (PDF, 437.27 KB)

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Our experts have decades of experience supplying safety equipment to fire departments, and are here to help you find what you need.


For more than 75 years, 3M™ Scott™ has been the premier manufacturer of innovative respiratory and personal protective equipment and safety devices for firefighters around the world. We're dedicated to providing durable, reliable innovation to fire service SCBA’s, reinforcing our focus on features that matter, by providing critical life safety equipment that firefighters can trust to help keep them safe, while they keep our communities safe.”

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Be ready for anything

Professionals in other emergency roles also need the respiratory protection offered by SCBA, PAPRs and other respiratory solutions. 3M offers specialized solutions for these applications as well:

  • worker checking a confined space
    Confined space

    From potentially toxic atmospheres, to physically hazardous conditions such as extreme temperatures, unstable materials, or the potential for falls, confined spaces often present unseen challenges.

    Learn more about confined spaces


  • law enforcement with respirators

    Soldiers are often called upton to play many roles in an emergency. 3M has a wide range of solutions like our Peltor™ Communication Solutions to help keep them safe.

    Learn more about military solutions

  • first responders talking to a doctor
    Medical Care

    You have to be ready to help in many ways. When you reach into your kit for life-saving tools and supplies, you can trust the quality and innovation of 3M.

    Learn more about skin and wound care solutions

Firefighter wearing facemask and regulator

End-to-End Thermal Solution

With hands-free and hand-held thermal imagers, 3M™ Scott™ offers the only end-to-end thermal imaging solution. It's about vision when you need it most.

View our thermal solutions

Featured products

  • When you wear 3M™ Scott™ Sight Hands-Free Thermal Imager, you get more than constant thermal vision. You get your hands back. That’s because unlike hand-held thermal imaging cameras, 3M™ Scott™ Sight Hands-Free Thermal Imager uses a small thermal camera mounted to the side of the face mask. A miniaturized display mounted inside the face mask allows the firefighter to always see the image without the need for reaching down and handling an imager.

    Scott Sight Pro (PDF, 437.27 KB)

  • The 3M™ Scott™ ProPak-EZ-Flo has been designed to meet the demands of the Professional Fire Service offering high performance levels and user comfort. ProPak-EZ-Flo provides firefighters a simple-to-use and SCBA which can be upgraded to include communications and situational awareness.

    Learn more about 3M™ Scott™ ProPak-EZ-Flo SCBA (PDF, 496.64 KB)

    3M ANZ SCBA Propak-fx-EZ-Flo (PDF, 496.30 KB)

  • Intended for fighting fires, the 3M™ Scott™ V320 Thermal Imaging Camera provides clear images enabling firefighters to navigate through limited-visibility conditions. The Thermal Imager features high-resolution sensors and high-contrast display screens that can be seen in multiple light conditions to provide critical information. The camera offers an extended battery life of up to 8 hours with a removable, rechargeable battery. A single button ON/OFF provides easy deployment with no menu required.

    Learn more about 3M™ Scott™ V-Series Thermal Imagers