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Increase Hospital Safety and Security with 3M Facility Solutions


One of the many responsibilities placed on facility managers and environmental services (EVS) is providing a safe facility. Protecting staff, patients and visitors from potential hazards won’t negate every danger, but precautionary steps to mitigate accidents can lessen potential outcomes.

There are special considerations and hazards unique to healthcare facilities. As a result, pinpointing potential safety risks and implementing proactive solutions is key to ensuring patients and staff have another barrier against harm.

Identify Potential Areas of Risk

Identifying potential areas of risk will determine the opportunities for increased patient safety measures. Within a healthcare facility, there are many ways staff, patients and visitors could encounter a harmful situation, including:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Security breaches and break-ins
  • Patient, staff, and visitor privacy disruptions
  • Emergency evacuations 

Implement Preemptive Solutions

From glass films to floor mats and treads, there are solutions you can turn to that are specifically designed to add safety to your hospital and defend against risks like broken glass, falls, chemical spills and privacy.

Fortifying Windows and Glass
In the event of natural disaster or human action, 3M™ Safety Window Film keeps glass in place after impact to reduce flying debris. Protecting patients and passersby from glass shards is critical in a fast-paced environment like hospitals. 3M™ Safety Window Film can also be a potential solution for some of the most dangerous situations buildings can experience, including active shooters.

Increasing Floor Traction
3M™ Safety-Walk™ Tapes Placing floor mats and safety treads in key areas of the facility, like the entrance and stairways, can prevent falls. 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Tapes come in range of strengths that provide traction to keep patients steady and bustling staff from possible slips. 3M™ Nomad Matting also increases floor traction, while simultaneously trapping dirt and debris for increased aesthetics.

Visitor safety measures can also be incorporated into your comprehensive cleaning plan. 3M™ Resilient Floor Protection System is a high-performance protective floor coating and maintenance program for vinyl tile and vinyl sheet flooring that utilizes proprietary technologies to produce a hard surface that is resistant to scratches, stains, and black marks

Simplifying Safe Cleanup
There is a wide range of chemicals and bodily fluids that spill on a regular basis in healthcare facilities that need to be addressed. 3M™ Chemical Sorbent Pads are a good absorbent for small spills and are effective for wiping down contaminated areas to maintain hygienic spaces.

Establishing Privacy
Amid a public space, increasing areas of privacy can safeguard patient data and staff. Fogged glass is an easy, effective method for adding privacy in a hospital. 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes come in an array of patterns and designs to conceal interior glass and establish pockets of safe seclusion.

Taking Action

Ultimately, not every scenario is preventable, but risks are significantly decreased by installing safety solutions throughout a hospital. Facility managers have an important responsibility to ensure a safe and protected environment to the best of their abilities. In consequence, taking action to preempt potential hazards is critical when striving to protect employees, visitors and patients.

For more information for hospital safety solutions, contact a 3M sales representative.


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