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3M Elipar DeepCure-S LED curing light in hand

Dental Curing Lights

Take control of your cure with a light you can trust.


Did you know 69% of dentists who place bulk fill restorations are not confident in polimerisation deep in the cavity?*

Dental curing lights from 3M provide a deep, uniform cure from center to rim and surface to cavity bottom. These cordless light cure units are lightweight, LED, and best designed for patient comfort.

*Clinician’s Report, October 2014, Volume 7, Issue 10

  • deep cure tooth with checkmark icon
    Deep, uniform cure.

    Reach the proximal box of larger restorations.
    Comfortable to use, with easier access to all tooth surfaces, even in the hard-to-reach posterior area.

  • optics icon
    Optimised optics.

    You can be confident that your restorations will have a deep, uniform cure

  • angle icon with checkmark
    Tips with optimised angle and height.

    Making it more comfortable for patients – even those with limited mouth-opening abilities.

Featured dental curing lights

View curing light units and accessories

Choose from two curing light models, both with identical technical performance.

  • For dentists who enjoy the look, feel and durability of high-quality, stainless steel

    High performance in high-quality stainless steel

    Housing: One-piece stainless steel

    Light guide mount: Magnetic, 360° rotation

    Weight: 250 g

    Cleaning: No seams or vents for fast and easy cleaning and disinfection—sealed against contamination

    Coating: Glass ceramic, protect against stains and fingerprints

    Battery Replacement: Tool-free exchange by user

    Charging: Charging base with built-in meter and battery charge indicator.

    Charging time: 90 min. to full charge

  • For dentists who want high performance in a lightweight model

    High performance in a lightweight model.

    Housing: Robust plastic

    Light guide mount: Friction-fit, 360° rotation

    Weight: 180 g

    Cleaning: Vent-free for fast, easy cleaning and disinfection

    Battery Replacement: Built-in, exchange via technical support.

    Charging: Charging plug

    Charging time: 120 min. to full charge

dental curing light banner with a beam of light
Be confident in your cure.

How well does your curing light perform?

  • bluelight CheckMARC with phone app

    3M has partnered with Bluelight Analytics to offer CheckMARC®, a professional service for validating curing light performance and determining the required curing times for each curing light and material combination in your dental clinic.

    Every brand and shade of composite and/or adhesive require a specific output of blue light in order to fully polymerise - which means a major portion of your restorative business depends on the reliable performance and calibration of your curing light.

    To learn more about it, start with a free CheckMARC Curing Light Test to provide you independent evidence-based information. Request for your local 3M representative to visit your Clinic to test your curing lights and bring you up to speed with valuable knowledge about the performance of your curing lights in clinically relevant scenarios and to help to optimise your protocols.

    CheckMARC® Service – How well does your curing light perform? (PDF, 450KB)

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More for you and your patients to smile about

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