• Photography and its role in aesthetic dentistry.

    October 01, 2018

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    Photography and its role in aesthetic dentistry.

    Digital photography is a valuable instrument in the dental office, but without experience, it can be a confusing world to navigate. This guide outlines what you need to get started.

    Dr Paulo Monteiro, Portugal.


    • Digital dental photography can be a valuable instrument in restorative dentistry: one that enhances teamwork, improves treatment planning and facilitates great results in direct and indirect restorative procedures.

      Practitioners without experience in photography, though, may find it hard to get started – especially with such a wide range of cameras and equipment on offer. This case study guides you through some of the basics, such as what camera and lens type is needed, how manual camera settings work, what accessories may be useful, how to take high-quality dental photographs, and tips on developing a standardised photo protocol in the dental office.