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3M promotes business reforms with the introduction of a global ERP

3M continues to transform our company to improve our speed and agility to help you deliver growth. To enable this transformation, we are implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

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We are transforming our world to fit with yours.
  • We have gained significant experience from deploying our new ERP in more than 35 countries and we are working very closely with your 3M authorized distributor to ensure a smooth transition as we continue to deploy our ERP. We are deploying in Australia and New Zealand in November 2024.

    Immediately prior to ‘Go Live’ there will be a short blackout period of approximately one week when we will hold order processing while we transition to our new system, however this should not impact you. 

    Please continue to work with your 3M authorized distributor to ensure they are aware of your business and product needs to cover this transition period.

    If you receive shipments directly from 3M, you may see additional data fields on your shipping documents. For example, you may see the addition of a 10-digit stock number. If you receive product certificates, this new information may appear and you may see shelf life expressed as an expiry date to make inventory management easier for you. If you decide to stock in advance, please work with your 3M account partner to determine the appropriate time to place your order to ensure that there are no issues with pre-shipment.

    Thank you for your enduring support of 3M products and services.