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Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs)

Built for a variety of challenging work environments.

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Achieve greater mobility without compromising on safety.

Move around tough work areas and environments confidently with 3M™ self-retracting lifelines (SRLs). Working together with other fall protection components such as anchorages and body support, innovations in 3M self-retracting lifelines provide enhanced mobility and convenience for effective fall arrest in any situation.

From lightweight designs for easy portability to dual-mode models for self and assisted rescue, various styles, configurations and lengths are available to suit any need. Each self-retracting lifeline is also built to meet or exceed local safety standards, providing reliable protection that supports you and the work you do.

Choosing the Right Self-Retracting Lifeline for your Work

Whether it’s working in wet environments or moving around sharp edges, discover which 3M self-retracting lifeline best suits your work site and requirements below.

Product Lines

  • Nano-Lok™

    Lightweight, easy-to-use and ergonomically designed, the Nano-Lok™ can be directly connected to most harnesses or mounted on an overhead anchor as a lanyard replacement.

  • Nano-Lok™ LE

    Designed specifically for foot-level tie off or sharp leading-edge applications. Features an integrated energy absorber that limits arresting forces, and improved lifeline materials for resistance against cuts.

  • Ultra-Lok™

    Performance with portability. The lightweight Ultra-Lok™ is built for rugged environments, with stainless steel components, an anti-ratcheting break system and dual-mode operation for assisted and self-rescue.

  • Sealed-Blok™

    Ideal for heavy-duty use and harsh environments. Sealed-Blok™ features a sturdy, corrosion-resistant sealed design that keeps grease, moisture and other foreign elements from entering for peak efficiency.

  • Talon™

    Lighter, stronger and safer, Talon™ devices come with an all-metal anti-ratcheting brake system for limiting arresting forces and can be attached directly to the back of most harnesses.

  • Rebel™

    An economical solution that does not compromise on performance or the safety of your crew. Compact, durable, and built to meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.

Important: How to determine your self-retracting lifeline length

Before setting up any fall arrest system, it’s important to calculate the exact fall distance before your self-retracting lifeline or lanyard starts to slow down. This helps to ensure adequate clearance and prevent workers from contact with any lower level or obstruction in the event of a fall. A properly designed system should also limit the distance of a free fall to no more than 2 metres.

Refer to our fall clearance chart below to determine the safe Required Distance (RD) and lifeline length required for your work site.


Download fall clearance calculator (PDF, 248.84 KB)

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