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fall arrest kit

3M Fall Protection Kits

Complete set-ups for safety and compliance.

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The convenient fall arrest solution for your workplace.

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Personal fall arrest systems have three main components working together with one another. They are the anchorage connectors, body support and connectors, and they form the ABCs of fall protection for maximum worker safety.

3M’s fall protection kits are made up of these components and contain specialised parts developed for construction and roofing work. They provide the total set-up for the application, giving you easy fall arrest compliance and safety on the job.

With the comfort, adjustability, durability and reliability that 3M fall protection solutions offer, you can focus on work with a peace of mind.

Products by Application

  • Construction Workers Kits

    See our range of kits for construction work that includes all elements of fall protection. Designed to keep you safe without damaging structures.

  • Roof Workers Kits​

    Our roofers’ kits contain components specialised for roof work, offering complete fall protection set-ups in durable, lightweight and portable packs.

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