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3M Anchorage Connectors

3M Anchorage Connectors

The secure link that attaches you to safety.

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Regulation-compliant anchors that fit your unique applications.

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3M offers the most complete selection of temporary and permanent anchorage connectors available. They are built from materials that impart high strength and durability to stand up to the toughest environments. From steel anchors to vacuum mount anchors for flat and smooth surfaces, each product has been subjected to rigourous tests to meet or exceed industry standards.

Your choice of anchorage depends on the type of work being done – they can be fixed or mobile, or permanent or portable. Together with other components such as body support, connectors, anchorages make up a critical part of your complete personal fall arrest system.

Product Series

  • Tie-off Adaptors

    Safe, fast and simple interlocking device that choke-off to the anchorage structure. Available in a variety of lengths to suit your work applications.

  • Carabiner

    Suitable for most areas of height, certain models provide a safe and secure double or triple action locking system to prevent accidental openings.

  • Anchors for Steel

    Permanent, portable, fixed, and mobile anchors that connect to I-beams and other steel structures are available. In lightweight and easy-to-install designs.

  • Anchors for Concrete

    Rugged and extremely abrasive resistant, these are specifically created to be attached to concrete walls, floors, decks and columns.

  • Anchors for Roofs

    These special anchors keep you safe without causing damage to residential, commercial, flat or sloped roofs. Portable and permanent roof anchors available.

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