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Preventive dental care helps promote healthier smiles and lifelong oral well-being.
Preventive Dental Care

Enhanced protection against caries, made simple.





Making dental prevention effortless and effective.

  • 3M’s preventive care products are formulated to bring improved convenience and efficacy to dental prevention programmes. Innovations like functionalised Tri-Calcium Phosphate (fTCP) helps the 3M™ Clinpro™ Tooth Crème deliver protection against cavities, strengthen teeth and repair white spot lesions in one brush. Improved handling and exceptional fluoride coverage in products like the 3M™ Clinpro™ White Varnish allow dentists to treat and protect teeth with ease.


    Find out how our solutions can help to simplify your preventive workflow, ensuring the long-term oral health of your patients.

Smart technology your patients can enjoy – even at home.

  • 1. Fluoride molecules provide protection to the tooth surface and carry calcium compounds in a protective coat.

  • 2. Saliva breaks down the coating and activates the calcium compound, allowing further remineralization to occur.

  • 1. Large perlite particles prior to polishing retain cutting edges for removing tooth stains.

  • 2. Particles break into a fine polishing paste, reducing abrasion and improving gloss.

  • Unique perlite particles used in Clinpro Prophy Paste convert from coarse to fine polishing paste during dental prophylaxis. This allows it to effectively remove stains with less abrasion, whilst retaining gloss for aesthetic results.

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