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dental bonding agent

Dental Adhesives

The science of confidence.


Seamlessly complements your preferred technique

Adhesives comprise one of 3M’s most sophisticated technology platforms and are leveraged to respond to the unique needs of the dental industry. Over 25 years of dental science led to the development of Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive incorporating core adhesive, filler and silane technology together with Vitrebond™ copolymer technology to produce an adhesive that is reliable, simple and has virtually no post-op sensitivity1. Scotchbond Universal Adhesive has over 300 peer-reviewed studies and pieces of evidence2 to date, making it the most scientifically- backed Universal adhesive available.

1 Data on file.
2 Scopus database Sep/2018.

Award-winning, scientifically-proven performance

3m scotchbond universal adhesive

Five-year trial: Evidence that 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal is a versatile adhesive you can trust

This 5-year clinical study  documents the performance of Scotchbond Universal: 96% retention rate with the total-etching technique, and an 87% retention rate with self-etching. Simply put - you can use Scotchbond Universal adhesive for both direct and indirect applications - without the need for a separate etch or primer.

That means you can reduce your adhesive inventory and simplify your process without compromising the quality of the bond.

Stick with a dental adhesive that does it all

  • versatile dental adhesive

    Use your preferred technique

  • bonding agent with maximum patient comfort

    Virtually no post-operative sensitivity

  • strength of bonding agent

    Bonds to any surface

The science of confidence

  • etched dry dentin with universal adhesive
  • Scotchbond Universal Adhesive uses the proprietary 3M™ Vitrebond™ copolymer to reduce the effect of moisture contamination by forming a hybrid layer. This layer forms an effective, consistent bond that practically eliminates post-op sensitivity – whether dentine is moist or dry. Scotchbond

    Universal Adhesive also has a unique1 ratio of silane and MDP monomers. The silane allows a secure bond to glass ceramics, while the MDP gives self-etching properties and a higher bond strength to enamel and metals. Together, these monomers eliminate the need for a separate primer.

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