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dental fillings and composites

Dental Composites and Flowables

Easy to handle, and with aesthetic results.

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Bring beauty and strength to every restoration

3M’s range of dental composites is designed to bring dentists critical benefits such as versatility, aesthetics, strength and clinical confidence to any restorative procedure – anterior or posterior. 

Depending on your handling or technique preferences, you can choose from a range of micro or nano-hybrid composites, or step-up to 3M’s TRUE nanotechnology found in Filtek Supreme XTE and Filtek One ranges. This technology brings the important benefits of great aesthetics and also the control and predictability that you depend on in your procedures.

Explore the different categories below to learn more about the benefits.

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Types of dental composites

Back in the day, micro hybrids and nano hybrids offered a significant improvement over older microfills. Since then, 3M has raised the bar offering composites with TRUE nanotechnology which enables dentists to deliver clinically-proven long-lasting oral health and natural looking aesthetics to their patients.

  • Nanocomposites

    3M’s TRUE nanofiller technology offers strength and aesthetics as its nanoclusters maintain a uniform and smooth surface as they wear.

  • Nano hybrid composites

    Nano hybrids, like micro hybrids, have discrete large and small particles but they have a slightly lower average particle size. For universal use, but mostly on posterior teeth.

  • Micro hybrid composites

    Micro hybrids utilise a blend of discrete large and small particles to increase the filler loading and provide strength and wear resistance. For universal use, but mostly on posterior teeth.

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Excellent rating, clinically-proven performance

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filtek supreme xte dental advisor 2018
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Since the introduction of 3M Filtek Supreme brand, DENTAL ADVISOR has clinically placed and monitored over 3000 restorations. Some of these restorations date back more than 15 years with the initial launch of 3M Filtek Supreme. The performance of these restorations has been exceptional, regardless of the size of the restoration. Excellent aesthetics, low rate of fracture/chipping, minimal marginal discolouration, and minimal wear have been instrumental to the long-term success rate of these restorations. 3M Filtek Supreme XT and 3M Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative earned a 15-year clinical performance rating of 96%.


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Dental composite products by technology type

Your composite choice often depends on your personal handling preferences and the chosen technique for your case. You might use a single body shade for a simple restoration, or a multi-layer shade technique for life-like aesthetics. Explore our diverse range of composites by technology-type below to find out more.

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