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3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080

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  • Use it right out of the box, no need to print or apply an overlaminate
  • Manufactured with two color layers for dimensional stability and durability
  • 3.5 mil cast film for easier handling and good conformability and lifting resistance
Overall Width (Metric)
Overall Length (Metric)
Product Colour
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Adhesive Colour
Adhesive Content
Solvent acrylic
Adhesive Controltac/Comply
Comply™, Controltac™ and Comply™ v3
Adhesive Features
Adhesive Type
Application Method
Cars & Vans, Trucks and trailers, Vehicles & Transportation, Watercraft
Application Surface
Compound curves, Concave surfaces, Corrugations, Flat, Flat with rivets, Simple curves
Application Temperature (Celsius)
+16°C minimum (air and substrate)
Colour Effect
Metallic, Pearlescent
Colour Name
Aluminum, Anthracite, Apple Green, Atomic Teal, Battleship Gray, Bitter Yellow, Black, Black Cherry, Black Metallic, Black Rose, Blue Metallic, Blue Raspberry, Boat Blue, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Brown Metallic, Burnt Orange, Canyon Copper, Caramel Lustre, Charcoal Metallic, Cinder Spark Red, Copper Metallic, Cosmic Blue, Dark Gray, Dark Grey, Dark Red, deep black, Deep Blue Metallic, Deep Space, Dragon Fire Red, Ember Black, Fierce Fuschia, Fiery Orange, Filp Volcanic, Flip Caribbean Shimmer, Flip Electric Wave, Flip Glacial Frost, Flip Psychedelic, Frozen Vanilla, Gold, Gold Dust Black, Gold Metallic, Gray Aluminum, Green Apple, Green Envy, Hot Pink, Hot Rod Red, Ice Blue, Indigo, Intense Blue, Kelly Green, Lemon Sting, Light Ivory, Liquid Copper, Midnight Blue, Military Green, Mystique Blue, Ocean Shimmer, Orange, Pearl White, Perfect Blue, Pine Green Metallic, Pink, Plum Explosion, Raspberry Fizz, Red, Red Metallic, Riviera Blue, Sheer Luck Green, Silver, Sky Blue, Smoldering Red, Steel, Sterling Silver, Storm Gray, Sunflower, Thunder Cloud, Titanium, Vampire Red, White, White Aluminum, White Gold Sparkle, Wicked
Colour Palette
Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Silver, Violet, White, Yellow
Film Type
PE Coated kraft paper
Overall Length (Metric)
160 Meter, 22.86 Meter, 23 Meter
Overall Width (Metric)
1.5 Meter, 1520 mm, 1524 mm
PANTONE® 021 C, PANTONE® 116 C, PANTONE® 205 C, PANTONE® 7549 C, PANTONE® 877 C, PANTONE® Process Black C
Performance Level
Product Code
1080-BR120, 1080-BR201, 1080-BR212, 1080-BR230, 1080-BR241, 1080-CFS10, 1080-G10, 1080-G103, 1080-G12, 1080-G120, 1080-G127, 1080-G13, 1080-G14, 1080-G15, 1080-G201, 1080-G203, 1080-G211, 1080-G212, 1080-G217, 1080-G227, 1080-G240, 1080-G241, 1080-G247, 1080-G25, 1080-G251, 1080-G253, 1080-G31, 1080-G323, 1080-G335, 1080-G336, 1080-G344, 1080-G348, 1080-G356, 1080-G363, 1080-G364, 1080-G377, 1080-G378, 1080-G46, 1080-G47, 1080-G54, 1080-G77, 1080-G79, 1080-G83, 1080-GP258, 1080-GP272, 1080-GP278, 1080-GP281, 1080-GP282, 1080-GP287, 1080-GP293, 1080-GP298, 1080-GP99, 1080-M10, 1080-M103, 1080-M13, 1080-M196, 1080-M203, 1080-M206, 1080-M209, 1080-M21, 1080-M211, 1080-M22, 1080-M227, 1080-M229, 1080-M230, 1080-M26, 1080-M261, 1080-M27, 1080-M54, 1080-M67, 1080-S10, 1080-S12, 1080-S120, 1080-S196, 1080-S261, 1080-S271, 1080-S327, 1080-S335, 1080-S336, 1080-S344, 1080-S347, 1080-S363, 1080-S378, 1080-S51, 1080-SP10, 1080-SP236, 1080-SP240, 1080-SP242, 1080-SP273, 1080-SP276, 1080-SP277, 1080-SP59
Product Colour
Product Usage
Removable with heat
Service Temperature
-60°C to +107°C
Substrate Type
ABS, Aluminium, Paint, PMMA, Polycarbonate
Surface Finish
Brushed, Carbon Fiber, Gloss, Matte, Satin
Surface Type
Flat, Simple curves
Vehicle Type
Boat, Bus, Tram & Metro, Car & Van, Recreational Vehicle, Truck & Trailer

Separate yourself from the pack. Whether you want to give your vehicle a makeover, update its style or just turn heads, 3M™ 1080 Wrap Film Series is a simple and easy way to express yourself.

The material is soft and flexible allowing it to conform to contours and bend easily. The pressure-activated adhesive allows you to slide and reposition the film until you apply firm pressure. The non-visible air release channels assure a fast, easy and virtually bubble-free installation. This material can be used on the interior or exterior of your vehicle such as bonnet, roof, boot, dash parts, mirrors, trims, or you can even wrap the whole exterior of the vehicle. It offers long-term removability from painted surfaces and does not require an over laminate. Which means you can enjoy your personalised look without having to be off the road for too long.NOTE: Areas repaired with body filler must be sanded, epoxy primed and finished with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) paint or clear coat. Any recently applied finish must be cured for the full amount of time recommended by the paint manufacturer before applying film. All wrap films, including film series 1080, should be applied to a “like new” vehicle finish for the best results. 3M basic product warranty ensures that the product arrives ready to use. Any rust, bubbling, scratches, dents or other damage will be visible through the film, and such surface imperfections may damage the film or cause the film to fail prematurely. 3M recommends using a certified 3M graphics installer to ensure a professional result.

  • Use it right out of the box, no need to print or apply an overlaminate
  • Manufactured with two color layers for dimensional stability and durability
  • 3.5 mil cast film for easier handling and good conformability and lifting resistance
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