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When your workers connect to a 3M™ shock absorbing fall protection lanyard or positioning safety lanyard, they're connecting to a fall protection product that offers innovative features and reliable performance when it's needed the most. Built with industry knowledge from Capital Safety, 3M’s fall protection lanyards are designed to meet or exceed Australian safety standards. Your crew not only stays safe, but benefits from personal fall arrest connectors that are easy to use.

Choosing the Right Lanyard for Your Work

It is important to consider your workers’ requirements and the conditions of your work environment when choosing a lanyard or self-retracting lifeline (SRL). Explore the attributes of the various 3M lanyards below to gauge which ones your team and work site require.

Product Series

  • EZ-Stop™

    The world’s smallest and lightest shock absorber. The hi-tech and hardworking EZ-Stop™ is second-to-none in terms of build quality. Water-repellant and resistant to chemicals, cuts and abrasions.

  • Force2™

    Ideal when there is no overhead anchorage and your only option is to tie-off at your feet. Abrasion, cut and chemical-resistant. Available in webbing, wire or rope.


    Provides high quality compliance at an economical price. Features durable webbing and steel hardware for corrosion resistance. Various styles, lengths and hook options are available.

  • Pole Straps

    Designed for work positioning, restraint and assisted climbing. Used extensively by the utility industry for climbing electricity and telecommunication poles under restraint.

Ascertain if you need a shock-absorbing lanyard OR a positioning and travel restricting connector

  • Personal fall arrest connector:

    Often a shock-absorbing lanyard or SRL equipped with an energy-absorbing element to reduce the force transmitted to the user’s body in the event of a fall.

  • Positioning and travel restriction connector:

    Designed for work positioning, restraint and assisted climbing, our pole straps are extensively used by the utility industry for climbing electricity and telecommunication poles under restraint.

Important: How to determine your lanyard length

Before setting up a fall arrest system, the distance you fall before your lanyard or self-retracting lifeline begins to slow you down should be established. This will prevent fallen workers from contact with any lower level or obstruction, with no more than a two metre free fall.

Refer to our handy fall clearance chart below to calculate the exact free fall clearance distance for your work site, and to determine the right lanyard length for it.

Download fall clearance calculator (PDF, 248.84 KB)

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