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Restore. Protect. Maintain.

First impressions matter, especially for floors. That's why it's important to implement a floor care strategy such as 3M Floor Protection Systems that can improve safety, reduce chemical use and minimize labor. Learn more about the comprehensive offering of products for your stone and resilient floors.


Beauty at Your Feet

Daily wear and tear can diminish your floor's shine. Luckily, the right products can bring it back to life. 3M knows that different floors need different solutions; that's why we've developed products for all types, ages and stages of flooring.

  • product shot of 3M Trizact Diamond Abrasive pad
    Not Magic, Trizact

    Designed to refurbish porous stone flooring, 3M™ Trizact™ Diamond TZ Abrasive Pads are like a magic wand for your floor. The micro-engineered surfaces cut fast and stay sharp, allowing you to bring out the original, natural beauty. Learn more about the 3M™ Trizact™ Diamond Abrasive Pads.

  • product shot of 3M Diamond pad
    Shine Like a Diamond

    Simultaneously clean and polish floors with 3M's unique diamond formula. Choose the Scotch-Brite Diamond Pad to fit your needs, from conditioning to high gloss. The easy-to-use system helps reduce labor and material costs by up to 50 percent and is an Environmentally Preferable Cleaning System. Learn more about 3M Diamond Pads.

  • product shot of 3M's stripping pads
    Your Floor's Second Act

    The powerful combination of 3M's stripping pads and floor strippers are unmatched in the industry. Pair high-quality, precision pads with low-foaming, non-ammoniated floor stripper liquids to effectively soften multiple layers of floor finish for easy removal. Learn more about 3M's stripping pads and liquids.

  • product shot of 3M Scotch-Brite Surface Preparation Pad
    Effortless Results

    Try 3M's Scotch-Brite Surface Preparation Pads to get a new finish, fast. High-performing and environmentally preferable, they require only neutral cleaner or water to effectively remove floor finish - minimizing labor hours and material costs, as well as enhancing safety and productivity. Learn more about 3M's Scotch-Brite Surface Preparation Pads.


Protect Your Investment

Once you’ve achieved brilliance in your floors, you want to make it last. To ensure your floor shines both today and in the future, protection against everyday wear and tear is integral. That’s why 3M has your floor covered by offering products that keep them looking new no matter what they encounter.

  • stone floor protector pad being used
    Quick with Low Maintenance

    Make your floors shine with the Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector Plus. The high-performance floor requires only two coats and provides excellent stain, scuff and scratch resistance – saving 35 percent or more on maintenance and labor costs. Learn more about the Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector Plus.

  • after shot of Scotchgard resilient floor protector
    Tougher Than Scuff

    Popular for its durability and cost effectiveness, resilient flooring can also scuff and stain easily and require frequent stripping. Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector is formulated to protect and enhance the appearance of resilient floors and improve future stain resistance. Learn more about the Scotchgard Resilient Floor Protector.

  • 3M mats in process
    Leave Dirt at the Door

    Dirt is the leading driver of wear and tear on your flooring — keep it outside with 3M Matting Products, which are designed to trap debris, remove moisture and reduce fatigue, helping to keep floors clean, safe and easier to maintain. Choose the right 3M Matting System for your facility.


Make the Brilliance Last

Once floors are restored back to life and protected against future damage, it's essential to preserve their long-term beauty with a daily cleaning regimen. From dusting to mopping to scrubbing, 3M has products tailored to your specific floor type and needs.

  • 3M floor pad product shot
    A Pad for Any Job

    Every 3M Floor Pad has been developed specifically to accomplish a particular floor maintenance task, so you always get the right pad for the job — whether that job is everyday cleaning, increasing shine, removing scuffs and marks, or enhancing the appearance of porous stone. Learn more about the 3M Floor Pad products.

  • 3M easy trap product shot
    Swept Up Before Your Feet

    Stop debris from damaging or dulling your floors by using an effective daily duster, such as the 3M Easy Trap Duster. Utilizing a patented technology, it traps up to eight times more dirt, dust and sand than other conventional and household dusting tools. Learn more about the 3M Easy Trap Duster.

  • 3M Neutral cleaner
    Neutral, Powerful, Clean

    For an effective yet gentle clean, try a cleaner with a neutral pH that won't damage your floor's beautiful finish. Whether you need a multi-purpose cleaner, a disinfectant, an auto scrubber liquid or a concentrate, 3M has a neutral cleaner for the job. Learn more about 3M’s Neutral Cleaner products.

  • 3M mopping system product shot
    Mops That Don’t Stop

    Effective floor care begins with daily mopping. From mops with adjustable and ergonomic handles to removable, easy-to-fill bottles to disposable mop pads, 3M Mopping Systems save labor, are more comfortable to use and help accomplish more in less time — so you get beautiful, consistent results, every time. Learn more about 3M Mopping Systems.

Find Your Solution

Beautiful floors begin with choosing the right products, and 3M has a full suite of cleaning and maintenance systems that will help your facility shine from top to bottom.

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Have product questions? Contact us for an immediate response. Call 1.800.852.9722 to speak to a support team member, available from 8 AM to 5 PM CST, or send us a message.

Have product questions? Contact us for an immediate response. Call 1.800.852.9722 to speak to a support team member, available from 8 AM to 5 PM CST, or send us a message.