Clean and Shine Floors in One Step

combine your floor polisher with top-performing 3M commercial floor cleaning products to enhance cleaning procedures
Empower your cleaning operations with a complete advanced floor care system.

Improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and keep floors clean and safe with 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System.


The floor cleaning products in the new, highly effective 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System are specifically designed to support your processes and help you efficiently get the results you want.


• Beautiful appearance. High gloss and improved distinctness of image (DOI) with less labour and fewer chemicals.


• Less disruption. Reduced need for the recurring maintenance tasks (burnishing and stripping) that are most disruptive to your facility and your guests.


• Long-term savings. Get lower total cost of ownership with our advanced floor care system that requires fewer processes, products, and reduced labour.


• Simplified floor care. The new 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System only requires a 3-step cleaning cycle to improve labour efficiency and reduce the need for recurring maintenance tasks.

Introducing the New 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System

Get a first-class shine with the tasks you do every day. Reduce labour and maintenance costs associated with your floor care maintenance routine. When combined, this three-part floor cleaning products will simplify your processes without all the burnishing, scrubbing and recoating, or harsh chemicals.

3M™ Advanced Floor Care System Products
3M™ Advanced Floor Care System Maintenance Comparison Table

Traditional Acrylic
Floor Care Process

Scotchgard UHS 25 Floor Finish

UHS 25 Floor Finish

Base coat Required Not required - Built into
Initial application after
chemical stripping
4-6 coats 4 coats
Daily maintenance Autoscrub daily and
Autoscrub daily with
Scotch-Brite™ C&S Floor
Pad and 3M™ C&S DFE

Burnishing frequency
significantly reduced or
*Based on traditional Acrylics with 16-22% solids vs 25% in the UHS 25

Featured Products
  • Unlike typical acrylic finishes, Scotchgard™ UHS 25 Floor Finish is designed for maximum shine and durability.

  • Enhance and maintain high-gloss floors and reduce the need for burnishing. 3M™ Clean & Shine Daily Floor Enhancer can help to reduce labour and chemical usage while meeting floor care standards.

  • Get a stunning reflection with less time, effort, and equipment. Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Floor Pads clean and shine floors in one step and gradually increase shine with each use to simplify floor maintenance. 

upgrade your floor care procedures with 3M industrial floor cleaner system
Need Help?

Request a floor care trial and let us show you how to achieve cleaner and safer floors while reducing long-term costs. Ready to experience what our advanced floor care system can do for you? Click on where to buy and get in touch with our distributors who will be happy to help. 


  • 3M™ Advanced Floor Care System Brochure
  • Scotchgard™ UHS 25 Floor Finish Safety Data Sheet
  • 3M™ Clean & Shine Daily Floor Enhancer Sell Sheet
  • Scotch-Brite™ Clean & Shine Floor Pad Sell Sheet