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Sometimes the biggest threat is what they don’t see.
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Disinfect to protect your guests.

Your heroic efforts and proper disinfection using 3M products can stop the spread of illness, including cold and flu viruses.

  • 3M facility cleaning products being used effectively

    Structure your routine.

    • Clean away dust, dirt and debris, which can remove, but will not kill, germs.
    • Disinfect, which won’t clean dirty surfaces but will kill at least 99.9999% of germs.
    • Sanitize to kill 99.99% of germs on surfaces and objects in “hot spots” like school cafeterias and other food-prep areas.
  • multiple 3M commercial cleaning chemical products

    Choose the right product.

    • It’s critical to select the most effective product to prevent the flu in your environment. To ensure the right selection, cleaning staff should:
    • Read the EPA label on each product to make sure it has been proven effective against the flu virus.
    • Consider factors like dwell time.
  • clean common area with shiny floors

    Identify and tackle hot spots.

    Flu season calls for extra effort — cleaning and disinfecting — in high-touch areas such as:

    • Cafeteria tables
    • Computer keyboards
    • Paper towel dispensers
    • Water fountains
    • Library tables
    • Classroom and teacher desks
    • Bathroom faucets

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  • Keep your facility flu-free.

    Facility managers are the first line of defense to contain germs that cause the flu.

  • Disinfect your largest surface.

    There’s a new battleground in the fight against infection — the floor.

  • Ensure patient protection.

    The buildup of dust and debris on surfaces is linked to the development of health-care-associated infections (HAIs).

  • Gain more control.

    Infection prevention happens at a microscopic level through the cleaning and disinfecting strategies that facility managers dictate. It can feel insurmountable – no facility is 100 percent free of germs, but there are several products and practices that inhibit the spread of germs and benefit the overall facility.

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Products for Disinfection

3M Products can help solve your problems.

  • Efficient

    3M™ MBS Disinfectants eliminate pathogens while cutting contact time in half compared to other cleaners. And they can be put in a mop bucket or sprayed.

  • Safer

    3M™ C. diff Solution Tablets are a proven, safer alternative to bleach and peracetic acid that is effective against Clostridium difficile and a broad spectrum of bacteria.

  • Accurate

    3M™ Chemical Management Systems ensure surfaces are properly cleaned and disinfected by delivering more accurate chemical dilutions.

  • Versatile

    3M™ Easy Trap™ Sweep and Dust Sheets help reduce the risk of secondary infections by eliminating dust that may contain harmful microorganisms.

  • Sanitary

    Scotch-Brite™ Professional Mops and 3M™ Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pads give you a sanitary, effective alternative to reusable microfiber mops or string mops.

Disinfection Support

Questions about proper disinfection using 3M products? Consult a 3M specialist.

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