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Collision Repair Academy

Develop your skills. Open new doors.

Welcome to a world of cutting-edge Collision Repair education opportunities. With exciting and distinct learning features to help you achieve your career goals, our approach follows four key methods:

  • Experience

    Explore multiple learning formats like engaging live webinars and quick video tutorials to suit different preferences.

  • Practice

    Test and gauge your development and progress through quizzes, open response assessments, virtual environments, and more.

  • Apply

    Take what you've just learned and see how these new capabilities translate within the context of your work.

  • Accreditation

    Receive professional certification from a selection of industry-recognised modules, ranging from attendance to completion.

Featured Courses

Training Courses Catalogue

Collision Repair Tech Tips

Quick and easy video tips from our 3M automotive experts.

  • Custom Car Building Tips 1 - Body lines (3:48)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 2 - Linishing (3:33)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 3 - Sheet Metal Preparation (2:48)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 4 - Cutting for welds (2:35)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 5 - Parts Prototyping (3:16)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 6 - Making Custom Panels (6:43)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 7 - Flush Fit Handles (4:21)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 8 - Bead Rolling and Sewage lines (3:51)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 9 - Finalising Body Lines (4:21)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 10 - Seamless Finish (3:30)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 11 - Factory Look and Protection Under Car (3:56)
  • Custom Car Building Tips 12 - High Fill in a Hurry (2:38)

From The Training Community

Presenting some of the 3M Collision Repair experts and trainers you can expect to engage with and learn from in the 3M Collision Repair Academy.

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