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Improve patient outcomes with proactive normothermia management.

  • The clinical benefits of maintaining normothermia in surgical patients is well established, and monitoring and maintaining temperature is included in clinical practice guidelines worldwide.

    The Bair Hugger normothermia system is a comprehensive line of cost-effective, clinically proven patient warming and temperature monitoring solutions developed to help maintain normothermia throughout the entire patient perioperative journey. The Bair Hugger system offers the performance, accuracy and control you need, while providing the comfort your patients deserve.

    In fact, Bair Hugger forced-air warming technology is backed by extensive clinical data, and proven effective by the largest body of clinical evidence and a history of more than 300 Million patients warmed.

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Own the Zone and prevent hypothermia with the 3M™ Bair Hugger™ normothermia system.

When it comes to patient normothermia, degrees matter. Even a minor drop in core body temperature can result in unintended hypothermia, a surgical complication associated with an increased risk of SSIs and other costly, potentially deadly consequences.

That’s why the 3M™ Bair Hugger™ normothermia system is committed to helping you Own the Zone—keeping your patients in the normothermic temperature zone, between 36.0 and 37.5°C*—throughout the perioperative journey.

With the introduction of proactive normothermia management, made possible with the Bair Hugger normothermia system, we are helping clinicians Own the Zone and maintain normothermia for every surgical patient, from the second your patient enters pre-op until the moment that patient is discharged.

Actively manage normothermia throughout the surgical process.

  • Patient warming blankets and gowns for cardiac, orthopedic and pediatric surgeries.


    Actively measure patient temperature. Prewarm with 3M Bair Hugger forced-air warming blanket or gown systems to help prevent hypothermia.

  • Patient pre-warming can help reduce the risk of surgical site infections by maintaining normothermia.


    Proactively achieve and maintain normothermia with 3M Bair Hugger blanket or gown systems.

  • Forced-air warming is a safe and effective way to warm surgical patients.


    Warm patients using 3M Bair Hugger blanket and gown systems to aid recovery and improve the patient experience.

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It's Time to Own the Zone.

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Discover the full range of Bair Hugger normothermia solutions.

  • The Bair Hugger normothermia system provides the widest range of best-in-class patient warming products that play the critical role of maintaining normothermia, helping safeguard patients and improve outcomes.

    Bair Hugger Blanket Information

    Bair Hugger Gown Information


    *Schroeck H, Lyden AK, Benedict WL, Ramachandran SK. Time Trends and Predictors of Abnormal Postoperative Body Temperature in Infants Transported to the Intensive Care Unit. Anesthesiology Research and Practice. 2016:7318137.


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