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    Rides By Kam... Build: 1970 Chevy Nova.

    July 02, 2020





    Image of 1970 Black Chevy Nova side view




    Rides By Kam... Build: 1970 Chevy Nova.

    Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, Rides by Kam create cool custom innovative rides and have earned a reputation for building some of Australia’s most stunning cars. In this short story, we feature their 1970 Chevy Nova build, an absolute weapon of a vehicle.


    World-class muscle car.

    1970 Chevy Nova engine

    Rob Zahabi, the owner of Rides By Kam picked up this beast from California and brought it back to Australia where he spent two years planning, drawing and ultimately adding his signature style and mean muscle car touches to the vehicle. Symmetry is evident throughout the build, “I wanted twin superchargers,” Rob says, “but I wanted them to be symmetrical.”

    On the surface, this may seem like a relatively straightforward request. However, it required custom-made, one-off billet housings and internals, as everything is in reverse - the blowers are mirror images of each other. Symmetry features again in the custom-made intercoolers and radiator from PWR, with the radiator featuring a centralised inlet and outlet hidden underneath the giant intake pipe. This world-class car has a 1500hp Chevy 572 big block that’s fed by twin F2 ProCharger, so ensuring the radiator flowed properly was essential in keeping the engine cool.


    “I wanted twin superchargers.”


    Smooth, stylish and nicely customised.

    The majority of the car is finished in House of Kolor Jet Black, but the exterior features a two-tone effect with House of Kolor Orion Silver featuring from the sills up the hipline and looks schmick in the sunlight. This poised panther is perched on top of a 4-inch diameter exhaust system and a custom undercarriage that has no fuel or brake lines visible. The car rests on top of 22 x 10 rear rims, 20 x 8.5 and features multiple hand-built interior features which have been draped in burgundy leather.

    1970 Chevy Nova front view

    1970 Chevy Nova steering wheel

    1970 Chevy Nova interior

    Sold in the US back in 2016, this car remains one of the most iconic muscle cars built by the guys at Rides By Kam but paved the pathway for the evolution of what was to follow…..1970 Dodge Challenger named Havoc…more to come on that build at a later date.


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