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Online Product Catalog: Digital Projectors

Before the presentation begins, an image is projected.
It is seen in the way we enter a room, the way we dress, even the equipment we choose. That's why 3M commissioned Pininfarina, for 50 years the creative force behind Ferrari and some of the most memorable designs in modern history, to redesign our digital projectors. From elegant Italian sports cars to fashion, technology, architecture and home decor, they elevate the ordinary to the artistic. The result, a unique line of presentation equipment whose style and sophistication become a reflection of you.

Models currently available in Australia are listed in the table below.

Bravo Digital Projector Model S10 Encore Digital Projector Model X40 Encore Digital Projector Model X50 Encore Digital Projector Model S50 Encore Digital Projector Model X50 Ovation Digital Projector Model X85
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Screen Calculator:  Calculate the optimal distance from the screen for your 3M Digital Projector or 3M Multimedia Projector

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