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Zeta Plus MH Series zetaplus-mh 1

•    MH Series dual-zone filter media construction
•    Wide range of upstream/downstream combinations
•    High tensile strength media
•    Full range of cartridge and capsule configurations
•    Totally enclosed system

Unique to the Australian wine market, the Zeta Plus MH Series Filter is attracting international attention from as far as Bordeaux.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the key feature of the Zeta Plus MH Series is that the cartridge now contains dual layer filtration media, allowing for a wider range of separation to be achieved in a single step. The Wine Industry currently uses two separate steps to perform this filtration.
3M Purification is delighted to have won the "WISA Supplier of the Year award for 2014" in the "Innovative Product of the Year" category.
These awards aim to recognise excellence in supply and manufacturing within the Australian Wine Industry and to acknowledge companies that endeavour to provide world-class technical and practical support to wine producers at all levels.

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