3M Purification Filtration Technologies

3M Purification’s core technologies, filtration media and delivery systems, provide solutions for filtration challenges in a wide range of applications. From cost effective, coarse filtration using filter bags, to the finest particle removal using hollow-fibers, our customers depend on 3M Purification to develop solutions.

Depth Media

Utilizing various platforms, 3M Purification provides depth filtration products in a variety of forms. Rigid cylindrical elements, such as the Micro-Klean™ product family, are manufactured to meet the requirements of a range of applications. These filters are usually constructed using either resin or thermal bonded fibers, or are multilayer, spiral wrapped design, to provide cost effective particle retention to industry and consumers alike. The Zeta Plus family of filters uses a unique felting process to create a depth filter pad which is delivered to customers in sheet, cartridge, and capsule formats.

Prefiltration Pleated Membranes

Available in materials from non-woven polypropylene to cast nylon and polyethersulfone, these filters provide the filtration surface area required to retain large amounts of unwanted material, usually in the micron or submicron size range.
Typically, prefilters are used to protect final sterilizing membranes, reverse osmosis membranes, or other downstream equipment and processes.

Sterilizing and Diagnostic Membranes

These cast membranes with absolute removal ratings of 0.20 microns, the size required to retain bacteria, are used extensively in the pharmaceutical and other healthcare or food & beverage processing/manufacturing. In fact, 3M Purification is constantly collaborating with industry leading drug researchers to provide the necessary filtration solution as early as possible in the pharmaceutical development process. Diagnostic membranes, used in devices to test for specific medical conditions including pregnancy and blood sugar, are finding even more applications in medical testing as advances technology (gene identification and biotechnology) move forward by leaps and bounds.

Metal Filters and Filter Housings

3M Purification’s engineering experience in metal goods is extensive. The first to offer metal edge type filters, where the space between two metal surfaces determines the degree of filtration, 3M Purification has offered this method of retaining particles contaminating fluids for over 50 years – in fact, some of the earliest installations are still in operation. This expertise extends to the design and manufacture of a wide range of pressure vessels to house the filter elements. From single cartridge housings with flow rates of 28 gallons per minute, to large industrial housings featuring flow rates measured in the thousands of gallons per minute, 3M Purification can provide vessels capable of exceeding even the most stringent customer requirements.

Filter Systems

Combining both filter media and housings in an innovative way, a fusion of media and housing design, has produced filter systems used in diverse applications. 3M Purification’s High Flow Filter system utilizes a proprietary filter element – capable of fluid flow in excess of 150 gallons per minute through a single element – and a smaller than typical filter housing to provide a solution for customers having high volume filtration requirements and critically limited space, such as off-shore oil rigs. Other customers, such as global food service outlets, use 3M Purification filter systems for their ease of use and the water quality consistency so that the cup of coffee made in a diner in New York tastes the same as the one made in Tokyo.

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