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Wine Tradition blended with innovation…Fruit cultivated with exacting detail…aged oak barrels…complex flavours and aromas…winemaking skills passed down from generation to generation…the key ingredients in award winning wines. 3M Purification understands the demanding and
complex nature of creating the best wines in the world.

We’ve worked for decades with winemakers around the world providing the filtration expertise required for absolute clarity and stability of fine wines. 3M Purification takes a systems approach to helping winemakers optimize their filtration. Just as a fine wine is more than the sum of its parts, 3M Purification works individually with the winemaker to design the optimum system for clarification, prefiltration and final filtration. This results in integrated filtration systems that reduce overall filtration costs while maintaining efficiency and reliability.

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Sterile Filtration – Gases

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Filtration of Wine

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