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3M Purification is a global manufacturer of innovative filtration solutions with engineers, scientists, and filtration specialists serving Food and Beverage customers’ needs worldwide. A dedicated staff of market specialists provides engineered filtration solutions to accommodate a wide range of contamination control problems. Pursuit of innovation has yielded advances in filtration technology and resulted in a multitude of engineered contamination control solutions for a variety of applications. Such innovation is responsible for the development of many filtration products for a wide range of applications. These products dramatically improve process fluid purity, enabling customers to achieve increased process efficiency, process protection, and reduced manufacturing costs.

3M Purification is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a comprehensive line of filtration products for the separation, clarification, and purification of food and beverage products. From beer to wine, bottled water to soft drinks, 3M Purification supplies innovative, cost effective filtration and separation solutions for tough food and beverage challenges.

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